• 2/18/2013

INNpulsa Turismo, at the service of innovative companies and entrepreneurs in the tourism sector


INNpulsa Turismo is the One Stop Shop that offers information and advice to innovative tourism companies and entrepreneurs on 4 axes:

  • Project financing lines and new business models.
  • Existing calls at national and international level.
  • Support for innovative tourism entrepreneurs.
  • Support for the internationalization of innovative tourism products.

INNpulsa Turismo allows:

  • Create a single space that integrates information on existing services, aid and subsidies to support entrepreneurs or businessmen in the Spanish tourism sector.
  • Be part of the INNpulsa technological catalog to support the internationalization of innovative services and products in the sector.
  • Foster the development of positive synergies and complementarities between entrepreneurs, universities, companies and investors that guarantee the implementation of innovative and profitable business models. Develop the community of innovative tourism entrepreneurs by sharing knowledge and experiences.
  • Promote knowledge of the aid and subsidies available for the tourism sector.

INNpulsa Turismo is a project of the Secretary of State for Tourism within the framework of the National and Comprehensive Tourism Plan 2012-2015.

More information at the following link: www.innpulsaturismo.es/

Innpulsa Turismo