Study on the tourism of health in spain

This study aims to analyse the current status and potential of tourism of health in Spain, understood as a tourism product that can be key to the spanish economy in the coming years. Identifies the key actors involved in the field of medical tourism in Spain, markets and countries of origin, the services on demand and to enhance the profile of health, tourist and other conditions of this supply and demand, such as requirements for access to spain by foreigners, the public policies and strategies of support for the tourism of health, or the anticipated impact of the European directive on Cross-Border Health and the regulations governing the mobility of people in europe or in the world.

The ultimate objective of this analysis is to identify the strengths and weaknesses of this industry in Spain, with the aim of establishing a future plan of action, focusing on demand and supply, to assert itself on the map spain in international tourism of health as a real power. At the end of this document provides a battery of measures to enhance the performance of public administrations involved (Tourism, health) as well as private actors participating in the value chain of this industry, to push for tourism of health.

Although the survey refers in general on the tourism of health in Spain, will pay special attention to the subset Medical Tourism, for there are less data and information, Wellness if provides a wealth of data derived from research. Later, the study defines and quotes both terms, integrated into the broader concept of Tourism of health.

Study on the tourism of health in Spain [PDF] [9.01 MB]