• 4/2/2013

Miró in the island Lindau, bavaria

  • Anticipating the arrival of 50,000 persons
  • Turespaña participates with a budget of €7,000

01.04.13. On the occasion of the exhibition held in the island of Lindau, bavaria (Germany) of the work of Joan Miró, coinciding with the anniversary of the Turespaña logo, of which the painter is the author, the spanish ministry of Tourism in Munich participates in the same in order to enhance the tourist destination of Spain as a cultural destination.

In the various acts which will take place during the briefing, which presents a set of 30 works include paintings, sculptures, guaches, posters and collages, some little hearings per be privately owned, with a special reference to Catalonia/Barcelona and Mallorca/Palma as destinations in which he lived, Miró was created and inspire. It also held a seminar focused on cultural tourism of spain with travel agents and tour operators.

The inaugural act of the exhibition “ miró in Lindau ”, 700 personalities and politicians, business, tourism and media not only germans, but also of Austria, switzerland and france.

The slogan of the participation of Turespaña is "" be inspired, which focused the presentation of the counsellor of tourism of spain in Munich, Álvaro white in the act of presentation. The exhibition of these works of Miró is open until one of september.

Lindau, on a strategic attractive holidaycentre consisting of Bavaria, Baden-württemberg, Austria and switzerland, is an island that receives the year, approximately 3.5 million visits. The city has been decorated using posters and grounds mironianos. It is expected that some 50,000 people visit directly exposure.

The total budget of the exhibition is 400,000 Euros, which are borne by various public and private institutions and with the revenues it generates the visitors. The contribution of Turespaña “ is limited to €7,000, which allows a presence at the heart of all acts and documents that are taking place on the occasion of the exhibition, "says Álvaro White.