• 2/27/2013

Good prospects for Russian tourism


The Secretary of State for Tourism, Isabel Borrego, has participated in the inauguration of the annual congress held by the main Russian tour operator in Spain, Natalie Tours. During her intervention, Borrego assured that the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism plans to reinforce the attributes of the Spain Brand in this issuing market.

Likewise, the Secretary of State for Tourism has shown that the growth of Russian tourists to our country will continue with the current positive trend and, in 2013, could reach an interannual variation of 20%. Likewise, she has advocated continuing to streamline the issuance of visas with the aim of continuing to be the most agile country in processing them. In fact, according to the European Association of Tour Operators, only 3% of potential Russian tourists give up traveling to Spanish territory due to the problems involved in obtaining a visa.

In addition, Borrego thanked the directors of Natalie Tours for their loyalty to Spain since they hold this meeting every year with their more than 250 travel agents in our country. On this occasion, Madrid was the city chosen for the event.

  Inauguration of the Natalie Tours annual congress