• 8/29/2013

Fifth edition of the training plan on-line “ Host ”

The registration period begins on September 2, it can be done on the website Hosts ends on the 15th of that same month and is completely free for students.

The contents relating to the “Culture of detail” and “Destination in detail” programs will be taught.

The development of the courses will take place between September 30 and December 19.

The Secretary of State for Tourism continues the Hosts program and calls for the fifth edition of training for professionals in the tourism sector. As in previous editions, this one will teach the complete catalog of courses in both Culture in Detail (training in customer service) and Destination in Detail (good practices for the comprehensive improvement of tourist destinations).

The Hosts project aims to promote the culture of detail and customer service to improve the subjective perceived quality of Spain as a tourist destination, through two clearly differentiated lines of action: Culture of detail and Destination in detail.

The registration period for the online Host courses, which are completely free for students, will begin next September 2 and will remain open until the 15th of the same month.

The courses will take place between September 30 and December 19. The training program, the course calendar and access to the training platform, as well as the registration form, which must be sent completed to anfitriones@tourspain.es .

Objective and recipients

The Culture of Detail program aims to cover the existing deficiencies in the tourism sector in terms of customer service, with differentiated content based on two profiles: personnel in contact with the customer and owners or middle managers.

The target audience to which it is directed includes professionals from all subsectors of the Spanish Tourism Quality System (SCTE), among which are accommodation: hotels, rural accommodation and hostels; hospitality: bars and cafes, restaurants, etc.; or other sectors: travel agencies, tourist transportation, tourist guides, ski and mountain resorts, shops, car rentals, artisans, marinas, active tourism companies, conference centers, convention organizers, health tourism services, taxis and other services.

Likewise, professionals in public tourist services such as tourist information offices, beaches, protected natural spaces, local police, cleaning services or museums and interpretation centers can benefit from the plan.

In the case of Destination in Detail, the aim is to provide attendees with action guidelines for the implementation of comprehensive actions to improve tourist destinations. The basic content of the course includes beautification, sustainability and accessibility actions to be carried out in the public spaces of tourist destinations. The target audience for this program is made up of all public agents who have powers in planning this type of actions (public architects, tourism technicians and local development agents, among others).

Course planning

The Culture of Detail training plan is made up of 10 courses, each lasting one week, five of them aimed at personnel in contact with the client, and another five for owners and middle managers. They cover topics such as knowing the client, keys to customer service, effective communication, working as a team, personnel selection, motivating to improve or promote agreements. Registration is done individually for each course, although interested students may enroll in all courses of the same profile.

The Destination in Detail program consists of a single three-week course.

The online Host courses are tutored, with students receiving continuous advice from a teacher who will guide them and resolve any doubts that may arise. At the end of each of the courses, students who have passed the proposed activities will obtain a certificate of achievement.