Brexit Tourism

It is estimated that Spain has received in 2019, 83.7 million international tourists, of which approximately 18 million United Kingdom came from becoming our main market, still Spain leading destination in the British market. the output of the United Kingdom, of the European Union with the agreement will not big changes for tourism since relations between the two countries, in this area, are very consolidated.

Exit agreement

On 8 December 2017 issued a joint report United Kingdom- European Union that marks the main lines of output. This report was adopted by the European Council of 14 and 15 December 2017.


Currently the United Kingdom is already out of the agreement Schengen so, both British citizens as Spanish citizens, already spend a border control in their travel between the two countries. For years it is sufficient to display a national ID card (DNI, in the case of Spain) but at any time you could return to a situation in which would be required compulsorily passport. The Unified Kingdom has no equivalent to DNI so that British citizens need a passport on all trips Schengen area.

Some basic questions:

Do You may travel between Spain and United Kingdom for business trips?

Will be provided temporary entry permits for people travelling for business purposes.

Is it necessary to apply for a visa?

There will be no need for visa for short visits.

Is it necessary any vaccine?

No, there is no vaccine.

Information on these aspects


Some basic questions:

How will occur hindrance to transport people or cargo?

It would sign a complete air transport agreement, and agreements that allow a comparable market access to land transport operators of goods and people.

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