• 6/6/2013

The Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism, through the School of Industrial Organization, presents a Support Plan for Malaga SMEs

  • The School of Industrial Organization will develop 15 training programs for professionals from 400 small and medium-sized tourism companies.
  • A Competitive Intelligence project will be articulated to promote tourism innovation.
  • The Strategic Plan of the Axarquía Region will be launched to socially and economically structure the area.
  • Invigoration of agri-food products “Sabor a Málaga”

07.06.2013. The Secretary of State for Tourism, Isabel Borrego, and the President of the Malaga Provincial Council, Elías Bendodo, have presented an agreement by which seven tourist activities will be developed within the Tourism Innovation and Excellence Plan of the Costa del Sol. The investment The total will be 4 million euros, of which 82% is financed by the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism, with European funds from ESF and FEDER and 18% by the Provincial Council of Malaga. Support Plan for SMEs in Malaguenas

The first action is the Training Plan for Tourism Excellence, in which the School of Industrial Organization will develop 15 programs that revolve around four training axes: The program is articulated through four training axes: 1) skills management and leadership, 2) innovation and technology, 3) tourism techniques and 4) entrepreneurship, in particular coaching and management skills programs, internationalization, innovation, social networks and online marketing, excellence in management, efficiency and cost savings will be offered. costs, rest and health tourism, active and nature tourism, nautical and sports tourism, management of agri-food companies, incorporation of ICT's and electronic commerce in agri-food companies and business creation. The investment of this program is 928,000 euros.

Meetings of the tourism sector

As a complement to the training received, the second action to be developed will be meetings of tourism entrepreneurs to promote competitive improvement and the exchange of experiences in the province of Malaga, with special emphasis on internationalization, management trends , the use of social networks and deseasonalization. The total investment in this activity is estimated at 200,000 euros.

Competitive Intelligence Project to Promote Innovation

The third agreement is aimed at developing the “Competitive Intelligence Project to Promote Innovation” in small and medium-sized tourism companies in Malaga. The 990,000 euros will be dedicated to promoting the rapid incorporation of innovations that allow the transformation of the destination under the vision of “Smart Destinations.” The project will begin with an analysis and diagnosis of the destination management systems, the contents will be adapted and integrated into a single service platform. Finally, consultancies will be carried out to companies in the sector for the incorporation and promotion of ICTs, promoting innovative projects such as the design of products that allow cross-selling.

With an investment of 550,000 euros, a program of “Analysis and Prospective of Consumer Tourism Markets and Marketing Channels in Emitting Markets” will be put into operation, with the aim of identifying and characterizing the trends that may have greater relevance in the tourist attraction and loyalty mechanisms. It will also be analyzed how the sociological, technological, environmental, demographic, economic or consumer habits criteria will evolve in the coming years, which can help to better establish the profiles of future tourists, their needs and their expected behavior.

Strategic Plan of the Axarquía Region

In the Axarquía region, on the Eastern Costa del Sol, a Strategic Plan will be launched, a project that aims to serve as a tool to economically and socially structure the area, as well as the promotion of economic activity and employment creation. The objectives of this plan are summarized in promoting economic activities that generate wealth and employment in small and medium-sized businesses, preserving the quality of the natural environment; articulate measures to take advantage of synergies between activities and agents in the environment and encourage the participation of all social agents. The cost of this action is valued at 300,000 euros

Wine and food projects

The agreements between the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism signed with the Malaga Provincial Council will also serve to invest 300,000 euros in improving the competitiveness of small and medium-sized companies in the wine sector of the province to create individual marketing plans and of communication in order to internationalize its products,

To this must be added the seventh action which consists of revitalizing the agri-food productive fabric through new channels “Sabor a Málaga”, the objective is to improve the competitiveness of companies, their design and develop the electronic commerce of their products. products. In this case the investment of the two institutions will be 640,000 euros.

After the signing of these seven agreements with the Malaga Provincial Council, more than 1,000 small and medium-sized companies in the province will be able to benefit directly until 2015.

In 2013, the School of Industrial Organization will provide more than 200 training courses for entrepreneurs and SMEs with more than 3,000 beneficiary SMEs (with financing from the European Social Fund, the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism and territorial partners). This year, special attention will be paid to promoting the Young Entrepreneurs Program and the competitive improvement programs for Internationalization, Innovation and the improvement of Tourism.