Marketing of Tourism Experiences in

The Official Website of tourism of spainallows online marketing of everything you need on your journey, since for transportation and accommodations, until the tourism experiences, facilitate, in this way, booking your trip to spain.

With this initiative responds to one of the objectives of comprehensive national Plan of tourism (PNIT) 2012-2015 on networks management agencies of experiences, offering the tourist products associated with new experiences.

Form of experiences

To this end, it has been crucial to put in place amodel público-privada collaboration, for which they have received theprofessional associations(travel agencies, tourist accommodation, restaurants, etc.), with differenttourist product clubsand the maintourist destinationsspain, all of them real protagonists of this initiative.

They, together with employers and entrepreneurs in the sector, will have the opportunity to shape new tourism products and services, with a more experiential and with higher value added, adapting to the demands increasingly demanding of the new digital economy.

Results of experiences

Promotion of experiential tourism

This initiative of the state secretariat for tourism, launched by Turespaña andSEGITTUR, allows the creation, promotion and marketing of tourism experiences in spain, which in turn:

  • Get the free marketing channelfor all smes and spanish tourist micropymes throughOfficial tourism Portal of Spain.
  • Drivesexperiential tourism, which represents a value of a tourist area, giving the traveller the opportunity to learn the fate of a more experiential and nearby, enjoying a unique experience that will make the trip unforgettable.
  • Allows the tourist experienceattractive and differentiated responsibilitiesthat can helpfidelizarle.
  • Encourages thediversification of the productin Spain.
  • Commitment to capacityinnovation,technological developmentandentrepreneurshipthe tourism sector of Spain.
  • It value:to improve business competitiveness.
  • Covers market niches defendants:microsegmentación, offer uniqueanddesestacionalizada.
  • Contributes to theleadership of Spain as a destination of international referencein other segments of the tourism product.

Experience: great cathedrals of astronomy

The tourists who visit Spain can accessthe official website of tourism of spaintourism experiences and book in our country, carrying out the transaction with the service provider. This is one of the main objectives of the new version of the portal, which responds to the needs of the new tourist.

The experiences are classified byautonomous community,date rangeandtourist nine categoriesbased on the Marketing Plan Turespaña: circuits and visits, culture and traditions, nature, sports and adventure, gastronomy, health and beauty, purchases, leisure park and Premium Spain.