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End of the transitional period of Brexit

On 31 december 2020 closing transitional period that the united kingdom and the eu had been given to try to agree upon the future of their relationship, once United Kingdom ceased to be a member state on 1 february 2020. The completion of this transition provided for in the withdrawal meant that the united kingdom would cease participating in the single market and the european union customs union, as well as in policies and programmes of the union, and to benefit from international agreements of the union.

After intense negotiations, on 24 december, christmas day, the president of the european commission, Ursula Von der Leyen, and the chief of the Task Force, Michel Barnier, announced the conclusion of a trade and cooperation agreement between the european union and the united kingdom. Value it as a balanced agreement that would avoid disrupciones important from 1 january and that will protect european interests.

With the aim of protecting the interests of citizens and economic operators, the government of spain had adopted a royal decree-law with contingency measures designed to enhance and develop at the national level the provisions contained in the Trade and cooperation agreement.

How will be affected tourism by the end of the transitional period? This section is intended to address the main questions that may arise in the area.

Do we need a visa to travel to spain since The United Kingdom?

No. From 1 january 2021 nationals of the united kingdom will continue to exempt from the obligation to be in possession of visas when crossing external borders of the European Union for short stay (up to 90 days in any period of 180 days). This visa waiver does not provide for the right to work in the union and is subject to the reciprocity mechanism applicable to third countries.

Will There Be controls at borders?

From 1 january 2021, uk nationals travelling to the european union and the Schengen agreement will be treated as nationals of third countries and will thus be subject to controls at the border of the Schengen area. This means that the planned stays in the territory of the states members of the eu cannot exceed 90 days in any period of 180 days, and nationals of the united kingdom will have to meet the conditions of entry for third-country nationals.

What happens if you travel with pets?

If you are travelling with pets may continue to do so, but will require the health authorities of great britain to issue the certificate and zoosanitario entry by any of the legal ports or airports. For more information, see the Ministry of agriculture, fisheries and food.

I recognize Spain my british driving licence?

From 1 january 2021, driving permits issued by the uk no longer benefit from the mutual recognition under the law of the union. In Spain, driving licences, valid and in force, issued by the british authorities created the holder to drive in our country for a period of six months, since 1 january 2021. Once this period of six months, shall apply to the permits issued in third countries, in terms of the current legislation on trafficking, unless the Kingdom of Spain and the united Kingdom to reach a bilateral agreement that recognizes the exchange of their driving licences.

Will I Have access to health care in spain?

Yes, the coordination of social security of the trade and cooperation agreement between the european union and the european atomic energy community, on the one hand, and the united kingdom of great Britain and northern ireland, on the other hand, it envisages health coverage of a british tourist stay in Spain. The british people should contact the british institution in order to know what document in evidence of their rights is going to issue.

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  • Real Decreto-ley 38/2020, de 29 de diciembre [PDF], por el que se adoptan medidas de adaptación a la situación de Estado tercero del Reino Unido de Gran Bretaña e Irlanda del Norte tras la finalización del periodo transitorio previsto en el Acuerdo sobre la retirada del Reino Unido de Gran Bretaña e Irlanda del Norte de la Unión Europea y de la Comunidad Europea de la Energía Atómica, de 31 de enero de 2020.
  • Acuerdos ratificados UE y UK El acuerdo del 24 de diciembre entre Comisión y Gobierno UK no está publicado porque precisa ratificación por Parlamento Europeo y británico.