Comprehensive national Plan of tourism (2012-2015)

Comprehensive national Plan of tourism, was created as a set of measures for the period 2012-2015 to drive the competitiveness of businesses and our fates, renew global leadership of our country for the coming decades and contribute to the generation of wealth, employment and welfare of citizens.

The Plan was conceived as the main needs expressed by the tourism sector, emphasizing the following key areas:

  • Government leadership of the nation to align wills of actors and resources on a common project.
  • Público-privada collaboration.
  • Design of cross-cutting policies for decision-making and the establishment of strategies.
  • Establishment of a framework and institutional structure that encourages increased competitiveness in business.
  • The tourist destination in Spain operation must be aligned with an innovative vision in the design of policies: spain as a destination for Tourists.

Spain as a destination for Tourists

Comprehensive national Plan of tourism (PNIT) 2012-2015 [PDF] [3.12 MB]

Figure of the structure of the PNIT


This Plan was structured in 6 areas 28 measures and 104 actions.

  • The force of the brand Spain.
  • Client orientation.
  • Offers and destinations.
  • Público-privado alignment.
  • Knowledge.
  • Talent and entrepreneurship.

Final reportPNIT[PDF] [980.29 kB]