Support for the hospitality sector

Have launched the energy refurbishment of buildings in the Residential Sector (use and hotel housing) and the Plan of Momentum to the environment in the Hotel Sector, PIMA county Sun.

Pareer programme

The objectives of the energy refurbishment of buildings in the Residential Sector are:

  • promote the realization of cost-saving measures and efficiency on the heating systems, lighting and existing buildings of residential use (of a hotel of use and housing), and the incorporation of renewable energy (biomass and geothermal energy, mainly).
  • furthermore, the programme for the impetus to the Environment in the hotel Sector complements the previous programme claiming to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases from individual sectors.
  • promote an initiative to assist in improving the environment in the hotel sector, which also contributes to make it more competitive and more quality jobs.
  • regulate the acquisition of carbon credits for Co emissions2reduced through investments for the energy refurbishment of its facilities.
  • to facilitate the financing of investments in energy refurbishment of the hotels on the part of the european investment bank and of spanish financial institutions.
  • create employment and economic activity by stimulating the proceedings of energy refurbishment of hotels.