Plan for the modernization and competitiveness of the tourism sector

The government of Spain, within its recovery Plan, transformation and Resilience to guide the implementation of european funds Next Generation us, devotes a specific programme (component 14) the tourism sector, endowed with €3.4 billion, with the aim of moving towards a more sustainable, more profitable and higher quality.

Sustainability strategy of national tourism

Adopted unanimously at Sectoral Conference, lays down the rules and criteria for the development of the programme sustainability Plans tourism, both in their ordinary editions as extraordinary.

National Tourism Plan Xacobeo 21-22

A project to boost the paths of Santiago as cultural product and property throughout the national territory with an investment that exceeds $121 million euros, which shall be financed with european funds Next Generation Us.

National Tourism Plan Enogastronomy 2022

A project financed with 68.6 million euros of investment to convert all the knowledge, know-how, arts and crafts that enable healthy eating and drinking into sustainable and integrated tourism experiences throughout the territory.

Experiences Tourism strategy Spain

Initiative that has a budget of eur 100 million until 2023 and who is seeking support to networks of public and private actors who, distributed throughout the national territory, are working on the same experiences. All with a view to improving the availability of experiential that spain offers its visitors and attracting quality tourism.

Cross-border Tourism Sustainability Strategy between Portugal and Spain 2022-2024

A commitment between both governments to promote investments in tourism destinations and experiences on both sides of the Spanish-Portuguese border so that this activity becomes an engine for sustainable development in the oldest and longest border territory of the European Union.

Sustainable tourism strategy Spain 2030

The road map to guide the future of the model of tourism of our country in the next decade, beyond the european recovery funds.

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