• 11/20/2013

SEGITTUR delivers to Villajoyosa the roadmap to become a Smart Tourist Destination

  • Villajoyosa is the first destination in which the x-ray is done to diagnose its situation as a Smart Tourist Destination.
  • Villajoyosa joins new technologies and in a few days will launch the tourist apps “Spain Feedback” and “Experience Spain. “Villajoyosa”.

Villajoyosa (Alicante), November 21, 2013.- The State Society for the Management of Innovation and Tourism Technologies (SEGITTUR) has today delivered to the Villajoyosa City Council a preview of the roadmap for its progressive conversion into Smart Tourist Destination, a project that is part of the National and Comprehensive Tourism Plan (PNIT) 2012-2015 of the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism.

This roadmap responds to the collaboration agreement signed by SEGITTUR and the Villajoyosa City Council, as a pilot project for the development of technological actions in tourism that would allow the Alicante town to be transformed into a Smart Tourist Destination.

Villajoyosa has become the first destination to undergo this diagnosis, which has revealed the innovative spirit of La Vila, as well as its commitment to the accessibility of the municipality and environmental sustainability, while reflecting the need to promote the use of new technologies in the destination.

In this sense, it recommends the development of a Strategic Tourism Management and Promotion Plan in which the use of technology for the promotion of La Vila is the key. To do this, it proposes installing Wi-Fi access points for tourists, promoting the use of applications for mobile devices and moving towards the tourist office of the 21st century, where ICT will be the protagonists.

In terms of accessibility and sustainability, the municipality is very aware and its work is reflected, since 98% of public roads are accessible, as well as its beaches and museum, so it only proposes to increase information that on this aspect is offered in the municipality.

For the City Council, the proposed roadmap represents a decisive commitment to innovation in the use of new technologies for the tourism development of Villajoyosa, which will allow it to offer a series of tourist services that will contribute to improving the experience of the city. visits to tourists, while more information will be obtained about tourist behavior in the destination, the competitiveness of the destination will increase and the quality of life of residents will improve.

In this context, Villajoyosa has gone one step further with the presentation of two tourist applications, which are being developed by SEGITTUR, and which will be available in the coming days: Experience Spain Villajoyosa, a travel guide that provides information on the different attractions of the Alicante town to its visitors, and Spain Feedback, which allows knowing the level of satisfaction of tourists after their trip through a survey.

The Secretary of State for Tourism, Isabel Borrego, the mayor-president of Villajoyosa, Jaime Lloret, and the president of SEGITTUR, Antonio López de Ávila, participated in the presentation event.

  Presentation in Villajoyosa