• 3/30/2021

Open the regular edition 2021 of Tourist Destinations in Sustainability

The regular edition 2021 of Sostenibilidad Turística destinations, the main instrument of government intervention spanish tourism

The sectoral conference on tourism of 30 march 2021 has approved the convening of the second regular edition of the programme of Sustainability in Tourism Destinations, the main instrument of government intervention spanish tourism. The state secretariat for Tourism allocated eur 23 million to this issue that, once again, co the autonomous communities and local entities whose projects are selected.

The objective of the programme is to move towards the transformation of tourist destinations towards a model based on environmental sustainability, socio-economic and territorial integrity. This regular edition of plans of 2021 addresses three categories of destinations: sun and beach urban; more than 20,000 inhabitants and rural areas and/or natural protected areas (municipalities with less than 20,000 inhabitants or counties with less of 70,000 inhabitants).

The beneficiary entity responsible for the implementation of the plan in all its phases should be a partnership between the local set out in article 3 of law 7/1985 of 2 april, regulatory Bases del régimen Local:

  • The municipality
  • The province
  • The island in the canary and balearic islands
  • The regions and others who assemble several municipalities, instituted by the autonomous communities in accordance with this law and the relevant statutes of autonomy
  • The metropolitan areas
  • Associations of municipalities

The proposal will be presented viewed before the Autonomous Community in which the applicant destination in the manner established by it.

Deadline for submission of proposals:From 5 april to 14 may, inclusive.

The Autonomous Communities referred to the secretariat of state of tourism all applications received, analysed and will the two administrations.

The proposals of plans must include:

  • Basic data of the applicant
  • Report on the economic cost and financing
  • Technical memory
  • Annexes

They will have to refer to fill out the Annex II to the invitation

Template [DOC] [124 kB]

FAQs on programme [PDF] [1.2 MB]

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Programme [PDF] [1.2 MB]