• 3/21/2013

The secretary of state of tourism inaugurates the I national tourism of health in spa Archena (Murcia)

  • Health tourism moves over 9 million europeans.
  • Health tourism generates more than 75,000 billion worldwide.

22.03.2013 Secretary of state of tourism, Isabel Borrego, has today inaugurated the I national tourism of health, held at the spa Archena, in the region of Murcia.

Isabel Borrego has in this segment turístico del which has claimed that has a great capacity for growth that would benefit by the evolution of the population of europe, growing, whose life expectancy will increase, and concerned increasingly well-being.

Health tourism moves over nine million europeans per year, according to the organization for economic cooperation and development (OECD), which is expected to increase until 2020, 90 per cent, travel whose motivation is the health and well-being.

This subsector, ranging from “ wellness ” to medical care, preventive and curative and spending this tourist double to conventional one, also looking for longer stays.

Spain has a excellent position in this competitive tourism to occupy the seventh country in the world in the ranking of who (world health organization).

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