• 11/27/2013

The Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism conveys to the sector the need to adapt to Chinese tourists


The Chinese tourist is unique and, unlike those from other markets, they look to Spain for its cultural, gastronomic and shopping offerings.

28.11.2013.- The Secretary of State for Tourism, Isabel Borrego, today inaugurated a technical conference in which the keys to competitiveness for Chinese tourism were analyzed, with the aim of bringing the Spanish tourism sector closer to the needs of tourists from this market, which in 2020 will be the main source of tourists in the world, according to forecasts by the World Tourism Organization.

The Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism, aware of this challenge, wants to contribute, through Turespaña, to attracting these tourists with the organization of these conferences that will serve the image of Spain as a country capable of offering advanced services of high added value for this market of vital importance for our economy.

The aim of this technical conference is to increase the profitability of Chinese tourists' spending, diversifying the chosen tourist destinations, as well as seeking greater deseasonalization throughout the year and diversifying motivations, highlighting the cultural offer , food and wine, cultural and natural heritage, urban tourism and reducing the gap with the dominant motivation linked to the sun and beach.

The continued solid and sustained growth of the Chinese economy is allowing a rapid increase in the middle class and with it, the incorporation of a growing number of consumers into the consumer market: that is why the GDP per capita in terms of China reals increase from around $7,500 in 2010 to almost $16,000 in 2020, thus completing the transition from a low- to middle-income country.

The growth of the middle class in China represents a huge opportunity for the international travel market as the number of potential consumers increases and there is a change in the consumption patterns of individuals and families. Thus, for many of these new consumers, spending on leisure trips and vacations becomes one of their spending priorities.

Marta Blanco, Isabel Borrego, Elisa Sainz