Sustainable tourism strategy of Spain 2030

Objective of sustainable tourism strategy of Spain 2030

The government of Spain, through the secretariat of state of tourism, is developing the strategy of Sustainable Tourism of Spain 2030, a national agenda of tourism to meet the challenges of the sector in the medium and long term, and promote the three pillars of sustainability: socio-economic, environmental and territorial. It has promoted a participatory process are getting the sector and the autonomous communities.

The objective of the new strategy is to lay the foundations of the transformation of the spanish tourism into a sustained and sustainable growth, which will enable us to maintain its position as a world leader. The new model, will be supported in improving the competitiveness and profitability of industry, natural and cultural values spreads destinations, and the equitable distribution of benefits and burdens of tourism.

As a document prior to the design of this strategy of Sustainable Tourism is now presented this report, which defines the strategic guidelines of this new agenda, to analyse the challenges ahead that will face the tourist sector in the next decade.

The future strategy of Sustainable Tourism of Spain 2030 is a compromise and a plan which should contribute to the achievement of the Agenda of the ODS 2030 of United nations.

Why is it necessary to produce a new strategy of tourism?

Spain is a world leader in the tourism sector, and constitutes one of the main pillars of our economy, source of income (provides 11.7 per cent of gdp) and employment generation, used to 12.2 per cent of all in Spain.

It takes 40 years to drive the growth of this sector. Over the last few decades the strategies have been evolving, tourism “ sun and beach ” strategies that focus more on quality. However, the industry now faces new challenges, profound changes in social and productive sectors, which require a new vision and the adoption of new formulas allowing this sector to maintain and strengthen its results.

Foundations for a new model of sustainable tourism

The strategy proposes a model of growth for the next few years based on the following principles:

  • Sustained economic partner, which should work in favour of competitiveness and profitability of the sector, products and accelerating the process of transformation.
  • Preservation of natural and cultural values, on the basis that the conservation of our extensive cultural and natural heritage is a priority objective.
  • Social benefitin order to achieve a sharing of benefits in the sector, and challenges such as the depopulation of rural areas in Spain.
  • Participation and governancesupport, participatory governance mechanisms between the state and the competent authorities at all levels.
  • Permanent adaptationgiven that this is not only look to the quality and improvement, but also to enable the industry has responsiveness to the new environment of constant change.
  • Leadership, which aims at strengthening the role of Spain as a world leader in the sector.

Strategic axes

Set the objective and the foundations of the Plan defines the five strategic priorities of the new government's Agenda for the tourist industry.

  1. Collaborative governance.
  2. Sustainable growth.
  3. Competitive transformation.
  4. Tourist area, companies and individuals.
  5. Product marketing, tourism and intelligence.