• 12/1/2013

SEGITTUR Castelldefels delivery to the road map to become A Tourist Destination Intelligent

  • The diagnosis shows that Castelldefels has opted for innovation and new technologies in the management and promotion of the destination.
  • Castelldefels presents the tourist apps “Spain Feedback” and “Experience Spain Castelldefels”, developed by SEGITTUR.

Castelldefels (Barcelona), December 3, 2013.- The State Society for the Management of Innovation and Tourism Technologies (SEGITTUR) has today delivered to the Castelldefels City Council a preview of the roadmap for its progressive conversion into Smart Tourist Destination, a project that is part of the National and Comprehensive Tourism Plan (PNIT) 2012-2015 of the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism.

This roadmap responds to the collaboration agreement signed by SEGITTUR and the Castelldefels City Council, as a pilot project for the development of technological actions in tourism that allow the Barcelona town to become a Smart Tourist Destination.

The diagnosis shows that Castelldefels has opted for innovation and new technologies in the management and promotion of the destination, while they have to improve the integration of accessibility in their municipal action plan, as well as in certain aspects of sustainability to become a Smart Tourist Destination.

In addition, it is emphasized that Castelldefels is aware of the importance of innovation and commitment to new technologies, since it has a Wifi/Wimax network with 11 spaces and a fiber optic network. However, it is recommended to promote the concept of a 21st Century Tourist Office and the use of mobile applications that allow mobile tourism services to be offered.

Likewise, it is proposed to the municipality to direct the innovative culture to competitive intelligence and the exploitation of data via CRM, Social CRM and applications that contribute to improving the knowledge of the tourist who visits the destination, which will allow the development of an adjusted tourist offer to the needs and expectations of the visitor.

Regarding accessibility, it is recommended that accessibility be integrated into the Municipal Action Plan, as well as including accessibility measures in the city's infrastructure, paying special attention to all those aimed at tourists, beyond the access to the beaches.

During the event, Castelldefels presented two tourist applications, which are being developed by SEGITTUR, and which will be available in the coming days: Experience Spain Castelldefels, a travel guide that provides information on nearly 40 tourist resources in the town Barcelona (points of interest, hotels, restaurants, beaches, transportation...). It is available in Spanish and English and soon in other languages ​​(Catalan, German and French).

The Spain Feedback application, translated into Spanish, English, French, Catalan and Russian, allows you to know the level of satisfaction of tourists after their trip through a survey, in which they are asked their level of satisfaction about the beaches of Castelldefels (cleanliness, safety, water quality, state of the bathrooms...).

The Secretary of State for Tourism, Isabel Borrego, the mayor of Castelldefels, Manuel Reyes, and the president of SEGITTUR, Antonio López de Ávila, participated in the presentation event.

Castelldefels App presentation event