• 5/5/2013

The Ministry of industry, energy and tourism will enhance the promotion of tourism in the gulf countries,

  • The Secretary of State for Tourism, Isabel Borrego, participates in the Arabian Travel Market in Dubai, a tourist fair attended by the autonomous community of Andalusia, the Costa del Sol, Madrid Convention Bureau and Barcelona as well as various Spanish tourism companies .
  • In 2012, 26,000 tourists from the United Arab Emirates arrived in Spain, 136% more than the previous year. Catalonia is the first destination and Madrid the second of these visitors.
  • These are tourists with high purchasing power who are fundamentally looking for cultural, business and health tourism, in addition to the shopping segment.

06.05.13. The Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism will intensify the tourism promotion of Spain in the Gulf countries, made up of emerging markets that are experiencing great growth in the number of arrivals to our country. This was conveyed by the Secretary of State for Tourism, Isabel Borrego, to the authorities of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) as well as to the travel agents and tour operators of the Gulf countries with whom she has met to promote trips to Spain. These meetings have been held within the framework of the Arabian Travel Market (ATM) tourism fair, which is held from May 6 to 9 in Dubai. SET in Dubai

The Secretary of State for Tourism has also taken a tour of the spaces of the Spanish participants who have attended this tourist fair, such as the autonomous community of Andalusia, the Costa del Sol, Madrid Convention Bureau and Barcelona, ​​to whom We must add various Spanish tourism companies. Spain participates with a stand of 85 square meters in which the 26 entities traveling to the fair are included.

The latest figures for tourists arriving in Spain from the United Arab Emirates indicate that there were 26,000 visitors in 2012, which represents an increase of 136% compared to 2011. The preferred destination is Catalonia, followed by the Community of Madrid. The spending made by Emirati tourists last year was 65.1 million euros.

For this season, significant growth is expected in this market and forecasts suggest that Andalusia and the Costa del Sol will stand out as classic destinations (Al-Andalus Route) although Barcelona maintains its momentum as a vacation destination since it opened its air route, especially for the business and meeting tourism segments. Madrid is also a thriving destination from the Gulf countries and with high growth expectations.

Likewise, passengers to Spain are increasing from Qatar due to the increase in flights last year, which has allowed us to reach 20,000 tourists. In 2012, 22,000 tourists arrived from Saudi Arabia and 13,000 visitors landed in Spain from Kuwait.

Promotion of cultural and natural tourism in Spain

The Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism, through Turespaña, will increase promotion in the Gulf countries, especially in the United Arab Emirates and Qatar, countries that already have direct flights to Spain on a daily basis and that They represent one of the most important emerging markets in our country.

This promotion, as indicated in the Marketing Plan developed by Turespaña, will be more specialized and segmented with the objective of achieving greater effectiveness and efficiency with each action. It will involve highlighting the cultural and natural heritage of Spain as well as the different possibilities of our country for business tourism, one of the most sought after segments by these tourists, in addition to shopping.

Isabel Borrego has conveyed to members of the UAE tourism sector that Spain is a destination with an enormous variety of offerings that have made it consolidate itself as the fourth most visited country in the world, according to data from the World Tourism Organization ( UNWTO).

The Secretary of State for Tourism has taken advantage of her meetings to present the National and Comprehensive Tourism Plan as a roadmap for the Government of Spain to improve the competitiveness of the Spanish tourism sector as well as to attract new tourists from emerging markets like the United Arab Emirates. She has also explained the policy of streamlining the issuance of tourist visas carried out and which is also intended to be transferred to this territory.

Similarly, during the meetings, the Secretary of State for Tourism has highlighted the value of the tourist know-how of the Spanish tourism sector, so the take-off of tourism in this area can also mean an opportunity for to the internationalization of Spanish tourism companies.