• 10/28/2013

The Ministry of industry, energy and tourism will promote the Parque Nacional de Guadarrama sustainable tourism

  • The main objective of the agreement is to carry out actions to promote active and sustainable tourism in the Sierra Guadarrama National Park.
  • The Government intends with these actions to enhance the natural heritage of Spain as it constitutes a decisive instrument to differentiate and diversify our tourist offer.

28.10.2013  The Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism, and National Parks have signed today a protocol with the Community of Madrid and the Government of Castilla y León with the aim of undertaking actions that promote sustainable tourism in the National Park of the Sierra Guadarrama.

The event, held at the Casa del Águila Imperial in Pedraza (Segovia), was attended by the Secretary of State for Tourism, Isabel Borrego Cortés, the Minister of Culture and Tourism of the Government of Castilla y León, Alicia García, the director of the autonomous organization National Parks, Basilio Rada, and the general director of Tourism of the Community of Madrid, Joaquín Castillo. Signing of the Protocol with Sierra de Guadarrama

This agreement responds to one of the lines of action of the National and Comprehensive Tourism Plan (PNIT), approved by the Council of Ministers on June 22, 2012, which seeks to enhance the value of all cultural and natural heritage and food and wine of Spain, as it constitutes a decisive instrument to differentiate and diversify our tourist offer.

Thus, these measures make it possible to make the scrupulous conservation of the Natural Heritage compatible with the development of the economic activity of the territory where these protected spaces are located, based on the enhancement of tourist demand.

The collaboration between the parties takes shape in carrying out the analysis of tourism supply and demand, in the territorial scope of the Guadarrama National Park, its peripheral zone of protection and socioeconomic influence, with the purpose of opting for the Charter European Union of Sustainable Tourism.

Likewise, dissemination, training and training activities for entrepreneurs will be carried out on sustainable tourism products, specifically oriented to the peculiarities and natural resources of the Sierra de Guadarrama National Park, together with the creation and promotion of tourism products. sustainable located in the aforementioned park. Sierra Guadarrama protocol signature

Monitoring and validity of the Protocol

A monitoring commission will resolve any interpretation problems that may arise, and will be made up of a member from each of the signatory parties. It will meet at the proposal of any of the signatories of the Protocol, and will hear about any issues and incidents that may arise.

From today, this programmatic agreement comes into force, with a duration of two years, being extendable for one more year.