• 11/5/2017

The Ministry of Energy, Tourism and Digital Agenda launches the Third Edition of the in-person Hosts training program


The Secretary of State for Tourism continues the Hosts program and calls for a new edition of in-person training for professionals in the tourism sector. As in the previous edition, this year the complete catalog of Detail Culture courses (customer service training) will be taught.

III Edition of the in-person Hosts training program

Objective and recipients

The Culture of Detail program aims to cover the existing deficiencies in the tourism sector in terms of customer service, with differentiated content based on two profiles: personnel in contact with the customer and owners or middle managers.

The target audience to which it is directed includes professionals from all subsectors of the Spanish Tourism Quality System (SCTE), among which are accommodation: hotels, rural accommodation and hostels; hospitality: bars and cafes, restaurants, etc.; and other sectors: travel agencies, tourist transportation, tourist guides, ski and mountain resorts, shops, car rental, artisans, marinas, active tourism companies, conference centers, convention bureaux, OPCs, health tourism services , taxis and other services.

Likewise, professionals from public tourist services such as tourist information offices, beaches, protected natural spaces, local police, urban cleaning services or museums and interpretation centers can benefit from the plan.


The courses will be held in the following Autonomous Communities:

  • Andalusia: courses in Málaga and Jaén (from November 13 to 24)
  • Canary Islands: courses in Santa Cruz de Tenerife (from November 20 to 24)
  • Castilla-La Mancha: courses in Toledo (from November 27 to December 1)
  • Community of Madrid: courses in the Sierra de Guadarrama and the Sierra Norte of Madrid (from November 20 to 23)
  • Valencian Community: courses in Castellón, Valencia and Benidorm (from November 6 to 10)
  • Navarra: courses in Pamplona-Iruña (November 20 to 24)
  • Basque Country: courses in Getxo, Eibar and Vitoria-Gasteiz (November 13 to 17)

Structure of training sessions

The Training Plan is made up of a total of 20 courses, 10 for “Personnel in contact with the customer” and another 10 for “Owners and middle managers”. Each of these courses lasts 4 hours.

In this edition, interested destinations have been proposed to choose from the entire training catalog those courses that are of interest to them, being able to skip some and repeat others, so that their delivery takes a full week, in the morning hours. and afternoon, taking a 4-hour course in each shift.

In each course there will be a maximum of 30 students.

Course planning

Below are the modules related to the courses for owners and middle managers and for personnel in contact with the client.

Courses for owners and middle managers

The 10 courses for owners and middle managers are grouped into 5 modules.

Each module contains two courses that are taught independently.

Module 1: Know the client

  • Course 1.1.- Techniques for conducting customer surveys (4 hours)
  • Course 1.2.- Keys to a complaints response system (4 hours)

Module 2: Starting at the beginning: personnel selection

  • Course 2.1.- Techniques for selecting personnel with a vocation for service (4 hours)
  • Course 2.2.- Design and implementation of introductory training for the job (4 hours)

Module 3: Motivate to improve

  • Course 3.1.- Bases for staff motivation (4 hours)
  • Course 3.2.- Easy formulas for continuous training (4 hours)

Module 4: Promote teamwork

  • Course 4.1.-Improvement of communication and service between workers of the same company (4 hours)
  • Course 4.2.- Meeting management and animation (4 hours)

Module 5: Promote agreements

  • Course 5.1.- Basic notions to lead with emotional intelligence (4 hours)
  • Course 5.2.- Positive conflict detection, negotiation and resolution (4 hours)

Courses for personnel in contact with the customer

The 10 courses for personnel in contact with the client are grouped into 5 modules.

Each module contains two courses that are taught independently.

Module 1: Know the client

  • Course 1.1.- Client typologies and behavior (4 hours)
  • Course 1.2.- Attention to clients with special needs (4 hours)

Module 2: Keys to customer service

  • Course 2.1.- Formulas to welcome kindly (4 hours)
  • Course 2.2.- How to improve thanks to customer complaints (4 hours)

Module 3: Effective communication

  • Course 3.1.- Effective communication with the client (4 hours)
  • Course 3.2.- How to smile on the phone, email and social networks (4 hours)

Module 4: Working as a team

  • Course 4.1.- The importance of teamwork (4 hours)
  • Course 4.2.- Positive attitude and continuous improvement (4 hours)

Module 5: What do you recommend?

  • Course 5.1.- Recommend services and promotions of your company (4 hours)
  • Course 5.2.- Recommend places and services in your destination (4 hours)

On the website www.anfitronesturismo.es all the venues where the courses will be taught, as well as their calendar, are available. , the training program, access to the pre-registration forms for each Autonomous Community and all information related to the project.